What to look for in an office chair?

  1. Adjustable height – A strong gas lift is essential to ensure the height adjustability
  2. Free Movement – Robust wheels means we do not put strain on ankles and knees
  3. Lumbar Support – A good back support is essential to support your back and put less strain on your spine
  4. Neck Support – If the person has a habit of leaning back to rest on the chair, a neck support is idea for comfort
  5. Ergonomic Design – A chair that is designed well will enhance productivity
  6. Adjustable arms – Does the person need 2D, 3D or 4Directional arm rests?
  7. Safety – Does the manufacturer meet safety standards from Europe or US? The last thing any company wants is to have an employee fall off an unsafe chair
  8. Does it meet OSHA standards? We do not want the company to incur unnecessary fines for not having compliant chairs.
  9. Material and Aesthetics – Fabric leather or mesh are what most seats and backs are made of, however, the other components such as wheels, base, arms should be sturdy. Check the durability and if it has been rub tested.
  10. Functionality – Is the chair fit for the purpose? Will it help or hinder the staff from doing their work? Is it suitable for their health problems and body type?
  11. Warranties – Is the supplier confident about their product? Are they willing to give a warranty? Can they give you a warranty in writing?
  12. Reputation – Has the company that you are considering purchasing from have a reputation of quality that they need to maintain? Are they a new business? Do they do maintenance and after sales service? Is the sales team selling the product with confidence?
  13. Opportunity Cost. By paying Tshs 250,000 for a chair that lasts a year, compared to paying 680,000 for a chair that lasts 7 years, means that the value that I am getting for my company from the longer lasting more costly chair (at Tshs 97,142 per year) plus the no worry and no hassle of changing the chair for 7 years means that it is worth it.